Sunday, January 24, 2010


i'm getting down.. down.. n down
so suddenly
dont know why
maybe i juz cant accept the reality
or maybe i'm dissapointed
i dont know

i want they see me from bottom to above
so they can see how tall am i
i juz want to touch the stars
i juz want to be shine like others
but i know..
its only my dream
as a dreamer
all of that doesnt mean anything
when i'm having you by my side

menangislah duhai ati.. ak xmo buktikn ape2. yup, ak akn jd mcm ni je. dh mmg diri ak. pe pn.. will keep that dream to become true. k la,nk tito. hope, bgun esok dh lupe psal ni dh..huhu

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