Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let's Runaway

so easy to forget
all of the little things we do.
like callin' for no reason
just to say the words "Baby, I love you"
I know lately
I've been busy
But a second doesn't go by without you crossin' my mind.
It's been so long
Since we had time
Let's take a day and make everything right
Just take my hand, fall in love with me again

*Let's runaway to the place, where love first found us.
Let's runaway for a day, don't need anyone around us.
when everything in love gets so complicated
Its only takes a day to change it
What i have to say, can't wait
All i need is a day

So let's runaway.

Girl, you've been so patient
Spendin' nights alone and not complainin'
But i'll make it up to you
And i promise today
I won't keep you waitin'
Please give me this one chance
To remind me you of everything we have
I won't give up
I'm too much in love
And i want you to know that.
Just take my hand, fall in love with me again

So let's runaway for a day!
And i'll give everything in this moment
And i promise to make, everyday just like today

Bruno Mars_Runaway

Lagu yg cukup baik tuk gambarkan ape yg aku tengah pikir..tapi ade orang ambik kesah ke aku pikir ape? huhu..enjoy the song =)

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